Social Advertising

Social media presence is the digital equivalent to word of mouth. Using our expertise and our advanced software we have the tools to target the exact people, at the best times, using your audiences social media platform of choice. 

With so many people spending large parts of their day on social media, we have a unique and powerful opportunity to show off your business, across multiple platforms, in ads that speak directly to the viewer. With a powerful marketing strategy we can serve your ads directly to their devices, so wherever they go, your ad goes with them.

By using data collected through our powerful software we can accurately target those most likely to be interested in your business on their preferred social media platform. Social media is covered with valuable ad space and if there’s anyone that knows about “ads” and “space” then it’s the expert digital marketing team at PPC planet.

Standard Kit

Whether you’re new to paid advertising or you’ve explored this galaxy before, we believe even the most basic of services can go a long way to helping your business grow. We provide these services regardless of your chosen form of advertising.

  • Call Support
  • Email Support
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Call Tracking
  • Monthly Reports

Start Your Social Media Campaign

If advertising on social media seems Alien to you and you are unsure where to start, then please get in contact with us, so we can review your needs and start the path to growing your presence on the social networks today.